SARMs versus Anabolic Steroids

Which is better overall for bodybuilders and why?

SARMs offers for bodybuilders all benefits of traditional Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (strong ability to build muscle mass mainly), but without unwanted side and harmful effects of steroids. Do you believe or not science and research in the field of biology is really very well advanced from once upon a time of classic steroidstoday exists product which is in muscle mass hypertrophy realy more effective than anabolic steroids

SARMs works and build muscles on the same principe like steroids (they are binding to the androgen receptor too), but exactly only there where is it desirable - only in muscle tissue. They are highly selective, and does not effects in other undesirable part of body. SARMs are incomparably many times more selective (80 time and more) than steroids. Newest and modern SARMs are even stronger and more effective in building muscle mass as an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid. 

CONCLUSION:  SARMs are modern, stronger and safe successor / replacement of anabolic steroids without their harmful side effects, with which classical anabolic androgenic steroids can no longer compete. 

Main SARMs advantages opossite Steroids:

  • SARMs has a high oral bioavailabilty (no injections needed), at the same time they are not 17-alpha alkylated (without methylated compounds) and without damage to your liver as with oral steroids 

  • SARMs are highly selectiveworks only there where is it desired - works in muscle tissue only, has no harmful androgenic effects know from steroids use

  • SARMs has stronger anabolic activity than steroids, with many time better anabolic / androgenic effects ratio (up to 90 time better than steroids)

  • No conversion to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

  • No aromatization - Estrogen conversion

  • No Kidney damage

  • No water retention

  • No oil skin, acne, hair lost

  • SARMs are safe at proper use

  • SARMs are undetectable in doping controls

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