Injecting peptides FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Have peptides any side or harmful effects?

Not at proper and recommended use: Peptides are at correct use and dosage absolutely safe and with no side or adverse effects that would need to be afraid. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs or anabolic steroids - peptides are natural and completely safe for humans and the human body without any side and harmful effects - because of all the changes taking place in the body in a completely natural form. This is great advantage of peptides. They have been carried out numerous and detailed scientific studies of peptides. None of these studies, however, showed any cause for concern or any obvious adverse effects. Even in cases where they have served absolutely extremely high, almost to the enormous daily doses of peptides: e.g. 2,000 mg of peptide for every 1 kg of body weight per day for several days or 50 mg of peptide per 1 kg of body weight per day for 90 consecutive days. (Compare this to a typical research recommended daily human dose, which is 1-4 mg peptide per 1 kg of body weight per day !!) In another highly unusual scientific study was administered peptide GHRP-2 children for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency for the eighth consecutive month, also there were no significant side effects or toxicity. Another test involving the GHR peptides also treated children with HGH deficiency same probative complete safety and wholesomeness of GHR peptides after 12 months of continuous use (experiment has been described in detail in a scientific article Pediatr Endocrinol Metab of 16 September 2003). It has been scientifically demonstrated in a number of assays that, at normal and at recommended dosage are the peptides quite safe, and do not worry absolutely no adverse or detrimental effects!

Do not spoil the peptides during transport to me?

Not: In the vial is a dry cold, good chilled & undiluted peptides may be free of the refrigerator for 6-7 days, without having been damaged or degraded. But be careful - if you have a content of peptides diluted in a liquid state, then the situation changes dramatically - in this case would certainly not get the bottle at temperature more than 8 ° celsius for a longer period.

What is the quality and purity peptides with us buy?

Highest what can be achieved / produced: We offer only original peptides world's leading manufacturers and absolute leaders in the research and production of peptides using the latest technology and producing one of the best, most efficient and cleanest peptides in the world (with purity greater than 99%)! The real difference you will can see and feel at the end in excellent effects. We 100% guarantee the authenticity, originality and effectiveness of our peptides and with us purchased products. Every singel product has own unique S/N (serial number - verification code) from manufacturer, which pass verification/ originality tests on manufacturer's website.

Peptides in the ampoule are after dilution not completely dissolved, it is ok?

Yes: If it happens that the peptides in water immediately after dilution not completely dissolved (float tiny suspended particles / fragments), first make sure you have added to the vial sufficient amount of water for injection. In some cases, the contents inside the ampoule is completely dissolved in the solution to the next 24 hours. Nevertheless, you can use not yet completely insoluble content, is safe, functional, and is not particularly contaminated. Manufacturers of peptides indicate that the difference in efficacy not varies considerably due to the very small amount of remaining completely still undissolved peptide in solution.

The peptide solution is cloudy right?

Yes: The solution of some of the peptides is slightly turbid (eg. HGH Frag), this is the normal and natural property determined by their structure, it is not about any defect.

Seemingly different amounts of "powder" in vial / less content than I should have?

Certainly not: It is important to know that the peptide is not only white matter, which is seen inside vial, created through the production process lyophilization. Part of the peptide occurs in the form of very small crystals, which are not quite easy to see. This is the main reason why it may seem that in one vial is more content than in another. The appearance of the ampoule at the same dose may be different due to changes in the production and transport: Even in the drying stage of the lyophilization, the amount of water evaporated is different from each vial, depending on the density of the chamber. The vial, from which the water is removed more than the other, the less white matter. In addition, transport and changes in temperature also leads to a reduction in freeze-dried white matter inside the bottle and convert it into crystals. The peptide in the vial is a solid by itself can not be broken or evaporate, so that no matter how many are optically appear in a bottle of white matter, total amount of the peptide remains unchanged and without loss (the quality and effectiveness of the peptides of course, also).

Peptides are equally suitable for men and women?

Yes, of course: Peptides are also suitable, efficient and great for both men as well as women. The only difference may lie only in the selection of specific peptide / agents who choose women and which are selected (preferred) men, with regard to the objectives they want to achieve and demand (women often prefer to peptides in order to anti-aging effect (Gigarelin rX, Ipamorelin), tan (Melanotan-2) or weight loss (HGH Frag, Tesamorelin, GW-1516), the men elected again mostly peptides in order to increase muscle mass, fitness, strength and performance (Gigasterone 3XL, MK-677, Hexarelin, Ipamorelin, CJC-1295, Follistatin-344, Gonadorelin, etc.).

Is the application of peptides (injection) difficult or painful?

Certainly not: Injecting of majority peptides is quite simple (clinical insulin syringes containing a standard, already "fixed" planted needle whole process considerably simplify), and when done properly painless (needles are really thin and small, moreover, since it is a subcutaneous injection, the needle goes into fat, which feels nothing).