Gigarelin rX - 600 mg (90 tab)

Gigarelin rX - 600 mg (90 tab)

Manufacturer: Genesis Biology

Category: HGH Secretagogue / GHR Peptide

Pack: 90 tab


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 Gigarelin rX is a unique product that we have really high ambitions and expections for to cause a real revolution in the world of sport, health, anti-aging and vitality. Gigarelin exceeds all existing products and supplements by having the complete effects in just one package. Gigarelin rX is the real key to the highest level of  health, body, shape, youthfulness, vitality and regeneration.Your ideal dream supplement in just one highly effective product that can completely replace anything you have ever tried before.

 Gigarelin rX is a ground breaking stimulant pill formation of natural human growth hormone (HGH). So far no other stimulant pill making HGH can really compare to the efficiency and effectiveness of Gigarelin rX.


 Forget all the other existing tabletting GHR products, because now there is Gigarelin rX - GHR revolutionary product which has incomparably greater efficiency and effectiveness, exceeding even the value and the level of injection GHR peptides and synthetic growth hormone (rHGH)!

Main effects and benefits of innovative products Gigarelin rX:

Gigarelin strongly supports the growth of new muscle mass, strength, endurance and performance

Gigarelin does not just  effectively increase the level of natural growth hormone to an optimum level, but at the same time encourages both men and endogenous testosterone, better muscle pumps and muscle blood supply

Gigarelin a significant anabolic effects - effectively promotes protein synthesis, hyperplasia and hypertrophy of muscle cells without concomitant undesirable androgenic effect and strong anti-catabolic effects (help to protect the degradation of muscle mass, and to hold the athletes reached physical fitness and muscle mass in the case that  training can not be done)

Gigarelin effectively improves muscle hardness, quality, definition, topography and density

Gigarelin significantly improves performance and endurance, and overall leads to a significant improvement of your physical condition

Gigarelin effectively improves the body's metabolism and helps burn unwanted body fat, which also enables us to have an extra energy source for  training and performance

Gigarelin delivers highly-efficient and really good  regeneration of both muscle after a hard workout, but overall excellent regeneration and recovery of the entire body, including all internal organs

Gigarelin has a very strong anti-aging (anti-aging) effect suppresses the natural aging, helps maintain a youthful appearance and condition of the whole body

Gigarelin help to smooth out wrinkles, improves the quality of the skin, hair and nails, increases bone density and help maintain healthy joints, cartilage and connective tissue

Gigarelin significantly strengthens and enhances the immune system and the resistance against diseases of civilization, is generally very beneficial for human health

Gigarelin significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (disease of blood vessels, brain and heart), effectively helps reduce cholesterol and the likelihood that you will not spend your last years of your life in a nursing home .

Gigarelin increases libido and sexual performance, promotes stronger and longer lasting erections

Gigarelin is beneficial to improve brain function, cognitive performance (ability to learn), memory, overall mental performance and mental health

Gigarelin brings a strong sense of physical and mental freshness, well-being, energy and vitality, thanks to the Gigarelinu you will wake each new day refreshed and full of energy, as  never before

Unique features and extreme efficiency of Gigarelin rX:

 Gigarelin the first pill hgh stimulant, which is a real and viable alternative for injection GHR peptides and recombinant (synthetic) growth hormone (rhGH). The amount of the generated IGF-1, covered with beneficial effects on the organism which benefit  the duration of action (operation) even Gigarelin peptide injection, combinations thereof, and the synthetic growth hormone is overcome. All other tabletting HGH products that have not yet appeared on the market, has a very large and limit degrades drawback: their efficiency and absorbency were very low to almost negligible, amounted to only 2-8%, making them done very inefficient and ineffective products with really very modest activity (only that small portion 2-8% of the total oral drug administration - GHR peptides, is actually passed to the blood, which can operate, with the majority of the dose was dismantled and has degraded passage through the stomach, no side effect ).

 Gigarelin this unfavorable situation completely changes: This is a revolutionary pill HGH product entirely new generation, in which through the use of advanced technology and the most advanced nano future succeeded in achieving extremely high results at more than 90% !! At the same time its unique patented composition is not possible at present to copy, therefore, be absolutely sure that GIGARELIN is only one, it is an absolutely unique supplement, and any similar pill HGH product that was close by excellence in performance and properties which have Gigarelin only guaranteed not know at present produce or offer any other manufacturer or competitive company in the world !!

 Gigarelin is even more efficient and more powerful stimulant of HGH with a longer duration of action and the pattern of segregation of GHR injecting peptides and combinations thereof. Key factors for anabolic and regenerative effects, the overall level of production and a significant hormone IGF-1. According to the scientific team of scientists Biology Genesis clearly demonstrated that it is the total level of IGF-1 is a direct-proportion depends on the length and lead segregation HGH. For example, tests have found that the injected dose GHR peptide GHRP-2, in the body that results in a significant increase in the levels of HGH for 50-100 minutes, leading to substantially less than the product level of IGF-1 compared to the level that can ensure the two tablets Gigarelin, causing the body even longer by an elevated HGH, up to 120-180 minutes. Due to prolonged segregation HGH Gigarelin therefore able to provide even stronger resulting effects than conventional doses of injectable GHR peptides!!

 Sophisticated combination of all previously known most effective methods and factors stimulating endogenous HGH segregation was achieved in Gigarelin incredible results: After taking Gigarelin will reach its own HGH blood value of 20-40 ng / ml (depending on the number of tablets used and the condition of individual pituitary) the length of segregation HGH takes 2-3 hours and occurs up to 40% increase in the levels of IGF-1! They are even higher values, which are obtained after the application of a standard injection GHR or peptides as therapeutic dose of exogenous (synthetic) GH !! Respectively. similar levels of HGH in the blood can only be achieved with large doses of GHR injection of peptides or greater dose of rhGH (3 IU or more). In addition, a very important fact is that endogenous growth hormone produced in the body upon stimulation Gigarelin use is much more natural for the body and many times safer than any exogenously administered artificial growth hormone. Since it is the body's own hormone, the body is several times better accepted and tolerated tolerated.

Of particular importance HGH human body, its general condition and health:

 HGH (growth hormone) is for a person pushing a key hormone. Its deficiency is very negatively affect the overall health rapidly deteriorating condition, performance and appearance of the human body. Production of natural growth hormone with age, the body still gradually declining, and insufficient levels may begin to manifest in man since the 20 year of his life. While the main reaction of the body is to drop HGH is for anyone desired aging process. For example: At the age of 25 healthy human body produces a daily average of about 600 mg of endogenous (self) HGH. The 60 year old man, however, this production will drop to the level μ has only 90 a day, which represents less than 15% of healthy young man. Medical science has clearly demonstrated, and now no one doubts that the decline in production of HGH is directly related to how quickly your body is aging. Aging is accompanied, of course, well known to all negative phenomena: the sharp decline of fitness, endurance and performance, loss of muscle mass and strength, body fat accumulation, impaired regeneration, increased fatigue and exhaustion, impaired mental performance and memory, visual aging body - the formation of wrinkles, reducing Quality of skin, hair and nails, deterioration of all internal organs and overall deterioration of health and increased incidence of various diseases, including all major diseases of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, the current unhealthy and often hectic lifestyle contributes more to a faster drop in HGH production, and often low levels of HGH production typical of 60 year olds achieving today that of a 40 yr old . Thanks to Gigarelin you now have the option to slow up and suppress the aging process, respectively. achieved very effectively and significantly rejuvenation of your body. It appears from the study, it is clear that long-term use Gigarelin can extend the human life of more than 20 to 30 years! Or in other words, look and feel in the seventies as aged 45!

 Gigarelin in many ways will significantly improve your quality of life, it's best current versatile product to help build muscle mass, excellent physical and mental condition, general health, physical beauty, youthful appearance, excellent recovery, energy and vitality!


Packaging and dosing of Gigarelin:

 Gigarelin is packaged in cans containing 60 tablets. If we compared the efficacy and overall output index HGH levels reached Gigarelinu drug, recombinant (artificially administered) growth hormone (rhGH), after completing the necessary number of clinical trials 1 tablet Gigarelin equivalently represents an average of about force and effect to 3.33 IU of exogenous rhGH and, moreover, without the potential side effects and health hazards! If we therefore consider that 1 packet Gigarelin represents the power and effect of notional and 300 IU rhGH (!!), the price Gigarelin 3-4 lower and cheaper than price of the quantity and quality bottles rhGH!

 To know the real strength and results, which is able to bring Gigarelin and reach, the minimum recommended length of cycle / its use is 2 months. The maximum recommended length of the cycle is six months continuously. It would then be followed by a break  at least one monthto be taken, after which you can continue to the next new cycle.

 The anabolic effects is the most important dose is taken before training. The best anti-aging effect and regeneration of the body is the most important benefit evening approx. 1-2 hours before bedtime. The daily recommended dose is 2-4 tablets, depending on your weight, height, age, and especially the desired objectives and purposes of use. For strong anabolic effect bodybuilders recommend a daily dose of 3-4 tablets. For regeneration and anti-aging effect is sufficient most people daily dose of 2 tablets, or in women with lower body weight (up to 50-60 kg) and a daily dose of only 1 tab.

 High efficient combination for a massive increase in muscle mass and fitness is common to use Gigarelin rX with LGD-4033 and myostatin inhibitor Follistatin-344, of course, with sufficient daily intake of protein and regular strength training.


FAQ - frequently asked questions and answers related to Gigarelin rX:

1) Who is Gigarelin designed for, is it also suitable for women?

Gigarelin Although the main developed and designed especially for athletes and bodybuilders, but it is so versatile and great for the body overall beneficial product with a number of beneficial effects and benefits, it is equally suitable and excellent also for all other people over 18 years: From hard physically and mentally working ordinary people and non-sportspeople, through the women's model, to the sick, the weak and elderly. The difference of course is the size of the optimal daily dose, which is determined depending on the desired objectives, purpose and individual physical parameters of the individual (age, height, weight).

 2) Is Gigarelin safe, and does it have side effects?

 Gigarelin product is completely safe, because all the processes taking place in the body is based on your body's own natural hormones, which they themselves produce and very well tolerated, and with proper use and dosage recommended is Gigarelin absolutely without any side effects, which is one of its many great features.

 3) How is it possible that a Gigarelin has higher efficiency than any other competing tabletting GHR / HGH products?

The secret of the high efficiency and unrivaled efficiency Gigarelinu lies in its extremely high absorbency and absorbency of active substances through the small intestine into the blood stream. In order to give a product made by pushing the oral function well and act, is primarily a prerequisite and a must to ensure that a maximum amount of its active substances actually received to the blood. When designing Gigarelin were capitalize on years of experience precise, costly and sustained research team of top scientists and experts in the field of enzymology, oral peptides and biology. So far, still no other scientific team failed to develop not nearly as elaborate and sophisticated absorption system than the one you are currently using Genesis Biology Gigarelin rX.

 4) All of this is great, but could  Gigarelin be cheaper?

Gigarelin is revolutionary and a highly sophisticated product that beats all other supplements. His intensive research and development company stood Genesis Biology large investments and costs, therefore it is not possible to produce at a lower price if the product should be profitable for the manufacturer. However, if you take into account of the  fact that one package Gigarelin provides an alternative to the 300 IU rhGH, you'll find that Gigarelin is actually very affordable. When taking account of all its exceptional and unique effects, we appreciate that they are very well invested money in their health and better quality of life! 


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Gigarelin rX - 600 mg (90 tab)

Gigarelin rX - 600 mg (90 tab)

Manufacturer: Genesis Biology

Category: HGH Secretagogue / GHR Peptide

Pack: 90 tab

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