GigaSterone 3XL - 605 mg (90 tab)

GigaSterone 3XL - 605 mg (90 tab)

Manufacturer: Genesis Biology

Category: Steroids Replacement / Alternative

Pack: 90 tablets 


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Let us introduce you new world's most effective supplement for muscle growth and real steroids alternative, that works:

 Gigasterone 3XL is the best, strongest and most effective alternative to AAS and HGH (anabolic androgenic Steroids and human Growth hormone), ever! Build massive and hard muscle gains absolutely without any adverse (harmful) or androgenic effects. Be smart bodybuilder - really muscle monster, but without damage of your health!

 Do you believe or not science and research in the field of biology is really very well advanced from once upon a time of Steroids, today is here product which is in muscle mass realy more effective than anabolic Steroids or Growth hormones rHGH, and you got him to reach. But finally - it's all only your choice: You can catch it smartly used, or will you ignore it - further destroying your body with harmful Steroids and Growth hormones (dumbest choice).. Seasoned old-school bodybuilders, long years taking steroids can say again without testing - "just another scam only, i`m sure".. Not.. Very bad.. Thinking fool and absolutely wrong in this case. Because full-featured alternative and replacement of Steroids really now exist. 

Every thing must be time after first and new, now is this time and it is called: Gigasterone 3XL.


 Gigasterone leads to hard, lean & massive muscles with both 2 possible ways:

 1) Muscle hypertrophy - an increase in muscle cells, as Steroids (syntetic testosterone), but much stronger! This is achieved by component LGD-4033 Pro - the strogest and most anabolic effective Selective Androgen Receptors Modulator (newest and most anabolic form of syntetic testosterone derivate, which today exists).

 2) Muscle hyperplasia - real growth of new muscle cells, as rHGH resp. IGF-1 does, but with absolutely natural way and without his risks! This is achieved by component Gigarelin rX - The revolutionary world`s most effective, strongest and sophisticated HGH release stimulator.

 Gigasterone 3XL is perfect combination of 2 newest, most anabolic & effective but safe products for maximum massive muscle gain in optimal ratio for best and synergic effect: Genesis Biology LGD-4033 Pro (most potent and anabolic SARM - selective androgen receptors modulator) & Genesis Biology Gigarelin rX (most effective, strongest and sophisticated endogenous HGH release stimulator ever).


Main component #1:  LGD-4033 Pro - strongest and most anabolic and effective Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) which exist!

 LGD-4033 Pro by Genesis Biology is clearly the most effective, most powerful and most effective SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) to increase muscle mass and strength, from among all existing and known SARMs. This is an extremely powerful SARM, with really very strong anabolic effect which is for building muscle mass potential comparable with anabolic steroids, but incomparably fewer side effects and harmful than they.

 This works on the same principle as anabolic steroids / testosterone - bind to androgen receptors on muscle cells, thus giving a signal to their growth - start rapid protein synthesis. But extreme difference is that: While steroids activates androgen receptors throughout the whole body where it is undesired - result of which are very undesirable adverse effects (such as: estrogens and cortisol rapid rise + shutdown of production of endogenous testosteron = absolutely damage of the hormonal balance in body, oil skin, acne, agressivity, androgenic mutation, hair lost, prostate serious problemes, gynecomastia, aromatisation and many others..), LGD-4033 Pro is safe and very high selective (selective androgen receptors modulator) - this means, that LGD4033 Pro works and activate androgen receptors only there, where is it necessary and desirable - only in muscles!! This is his secret and with this fantastic features have no side effects of steroids!

 Like every effective steroid (synthetic derivatives of testosterone) is the LGD-4033 Pro androgen receptor modulators too, but:

1) Very high selective!
2) More than 5 times effective and anabolic than steroids, this is newest and future form of syntetic testosterone!


 Main effects and benefits LGD-4033 Pro:

Very strong anabolic activity ending with a massive increase in muscle mass and strength, without the simultaneous strong androgenic side and harmful effects

The fair and the results comparable alternative to anabolic-androgenic steroids, without damaging them and androgenic effects!

Strong anti-catabolic effects and muscle mass protection against degradation

Rapid onset of action

The relatively long duration of activity and half-life of tablet to supplement (24-36 hours)

Strong support for the burning of body fat

Very good regeneration

Improve blood circulation and muscles pumped during training

The overall improvement in the health, well-being and vitality

During the entire cycle or use make you feel great and vital


Benefits LGD-4033 Pro compared to anabolic steroids:

LGD-4033 Pro has a very low, almost negligible androgenic activity, thanks to which it has no side effects and adverse androgenic known from the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (which include mainly large water and salt retention, acne, oily skin, hair loss, prostate enlargement, excessive hair growth, aggression etc.)

 LGD-4033 Pro is not hepatotoxic (does not constitute a burden and harmful to the liver)

 LGD-4033 did not decline so sharply for the production of endogenous testosterone as anabolic steroids

 LGD-4033 Pro does not cause increased production of estrogen and cortisol

 LGD-4033 Pro leads to higher quality and more muscle to durable than steroids

 LGD-4033 for a relatively long period of effectiveness of a half-life of 24-36 hours

 LGD-4033 to act quickly, the first improvement and results are usually apparent within the first week of use

 LGD-4033 Pro is highly effective in oral administration (no need for injection)

 LGD-4033 Pro can be effectively used for up to 12 weeks

 LGD-4033 Pro does not leads to oil skin, acne and hair lost


LGD-4033 has an excellent ability to bind to androgen receptors on muscle cells with very high affinity (Ki ~ 1 nM) and selectivity - ARS (in relation to androgen receptors only where desired - in muscle tissue) what can be very effective in attracting new massive and also the quality muscle increments, without the current androgenic side and harmful effects of a well-known use of anabolic-androgenic steroids and injection of tablet (which mainly belong hepatotoxicity (great burden and harmful to the liver ), strong suppression to stop production of endogenous testosterone, flavorings surge in estrogen levels and cortisol, a large water and salt retention, acne, oily skin, hair loss, enlargement of the prostate, excessive hair growth, aggression, etc.).

 Clinical trials conducted to date clearly indicate high anabolic activity LGD-4033 and its unique ability to build new muscle gains and increasing the power. In the test, which was attended by 116 volunteers, has only one dose of LGD-4033 mg daily brought in men who used it for 21 days visible improvement in quantity and quality muscle mass, increase strength and decrease body fat percentage. In another test, it was again shown that even a relatively high dose of 22 mg LGD-4033 is administered daily for several weeks did not cause any adverse effects, health problems or the stomach complaints. In addition to the increase in muscle mass and strength brought use LGD-4033 in men and other beneficial effects, with the very good recovery, reducing body fat, improving the overall health and the feeling of well-being and vitality.

 LGD-4033 Pro thanks to advanced absorption system and maximizes the potential of LGD-4033, and is the strongest and most effective to tablet supplements for building muscle mass and strength on the market! Some bodybuilders recorded during the six-week cycle with the use of 15 mg Genesis Biology LGD-4033 For daily in combination with 3 tablets on the Gigarelin rX total increase quality and hard muscle mass up to 12 kg, and more! (Of course, while daily high-quality protein eaten properly, sufficient caloric intake (glycogen super compensation) and intensive training volume.) LGD-4033 Pro can be used except for the purpose to support a massive increase in muscle mass very good for lean at all times and improve, or so-called . RECOMP (total rebuilding an athletic figure, an increase in muscle mass while burning excess fat), various forms of use will vary in dosage and appropriate training.

 LGD-4033 has substantially no adverse effects. The only possible undesirable effects during its use is a decrease in the formation of testosterone in the body, however it is incomparably weaker and less severe than the than is possible with steroid use. The degree of suppressing the testosterone is correlated to the dose levels LGD-4033, at the same time, however, in addition to decline in endogenous free and total testosterone there is also some undesired decrease SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin - sex steroid binding globulin, testosterone-inhibiting function). However, it is very interesting to note that there is no decrease in the production of LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). This makes The re-creation of testosterone quick and smooth (not problematic, as after taking steroids), and testosterone levels will return to normal baseline values already within 1-2 weeks after discontinuation of LGD-4033, however, it is recommended to mini- PCT. Very valuable properties LGD-4033 is that it does not increase the levels of estrogen and cortisol, and thanks to its high selectivity (ARS) has managed to achieve a strong anabolic effect, with minimal or negligible current androgenic effects (for comparison: A great proportion of anabolic and androgenic activity is the LGD-4033 of less than 10: 1, where the ratio is at most steroids testosterone and contrast on the other hand to approx. 1: 1).

Main component #2:  Gigarelin rX - most effective, strongest and sophisticated HGH release stimulator ever!

Genesis Biology Gigarelin rX is a ground breaking stimulant pill formation of natural human growth hormone (HGH). So far no other stimulant pill making HGH can really compare to the efficiency and effectiveness of Gigarelin rX.

Gigarelin rX is first pill hgh stimulant, which is a real and viable alternative for injection GHR peptides and recombinant (synthetic) growth hormone (rHGH). The amount of the generated IGF-1, covered with beneficial effects on the organism which benefit  the duration of action (operation) even Gigarelin peptide injection, combinations thereof, and the synthetic growth hormone is overcome. All other tabletting HGH products that have not yet appeared on the market, has a very large and limit degrades drawback: their efficiency and absorbency were very low to almost negligible, amounted to only 2-8%, making them done very inefficient and ineffective products with really very modest activity (only that small portion 2-8% of the total oral drug administration - GHR peptides, is actually passed to the blood, which can operate, with the majority of the dose was dismantled and has degraded passage through the stomach, no side effect).

Gigarelin rX this unfavorable situation completely changes: This is a revolutionary pill HGH product entirely of new generation, in which through the use of advanced technology and the most advanced nano future, succeeded in achieving extremely high absorption at more than 90%!! At the same time its unique patented composition is not possible at present to copy, therefore, be absolutely sure that GIGARELIN is only one, it is an absolutely unique supplement, and any similar pill HGH product that was close by excellence in performance and properties which have Gigarelin only guaranteed not know at present produce or offer any other manufacturer or competitive company in the world!!

Gigarelin is even more efficient and more powerful stimulant of HGH with a longer duration of action and the pattern of segregation of GHR injecting peptides and combinations thereof. Key factors for anabolic and regenerative effects, the overall level of production and a significant hormone IGF-1. According to the scientific team of scientists Biology Genesis clearly demonstrated that it is the total level of IGF-1 is a direct-proportion depends on the length and lead segregation HGH. For example, tests have found that the injected dose GHR peptide GHRP-2, in the body that results in a significant increase in the levels of HGH for 50-100 minutes, leading to substantially less than the product level of IGF-1 compared to the level that can ensure the two tablets Gigarelin, causing the body even longer by an elevated HGH, up to 120-180 minutes. Due to prolonged segregation HGH Gigarelin therefore able to provide even stronger resulting effects than conventional doses of injectable GHR peptides!!

Sophisticated combination of all previously known most effective methods and factors stimulating endogenous HGH segregation was achieved in Gigarelin incredible results: After taking Gigarelin will reach its own HGH blood value of 10-40 ng / ml (depending on the number of tablets used and the condition of individual pituitary) the length of segregation HGH takes 2-3 hours and occurs up to 40% increase in the levels of IGF-1! They are even higher values, which are obtained after the application of a standard injection GHR peptides or therapeutic dose of exogenous (synthetic) GH!! Respectively. similar levels of HGH in the blood can only be achieved with large doses of GHR injection of peptides or greater dose of rHGH (3 IU or more). In addition, a very important fact is that endogenous growth hormone produced in the body upon stimulation Gigarelin use is much more natural for the body and many times safer than any exogenously administered artificial growth hormone. Since it is the body's own hormone, the body is several times better accepted and tolerated.

Main effects and benefits of Gigarelin rX:

Gigarelin strongly supports the growth of new muscle mass, strength, endurance and performance

Gigarelin does not just  effectively increase the level of natural growth hormone to an optimum level, but at the same time encourages both men and endogenous testosterone, better muscle pumps and muscle blood supply

Gigarelin a significant anabolic effects (effectively promotes protein synthesis, hyperplasia and hypertrophy of muscle cells) without concomitant undesirable androgenic effect and strong anti-catabolic effects (help to protect the degradation of muscle mass, and to hold the athletes reached physical fitness and muscle mass in the case that  training can not be done)

Gigarelin effectively improves muscle hardness, quality, definition, topography and density

Gigarelin significantly improves performance and endurance, and overall leads to a significant improvement of your physical condition

Gigarelin effectively improves the body's metabolism and helps burn unwanted body fat, which also enables us to have an extra energy source for  training and performance

Gigarelin delivers highly-efficient and really good  regeneration of both muscle after a hard workout, but overall excellent regeneration and recovery of the entire body, including all internal organs

Gigarelin has a very strong anti-aging (anti-aging) effect suppresses the natural aging, helps maintain a youthful appearance and condition of the whole body

Gigarelin help to smooth out wrinkles, improves the quality of the skin, hair and nails, increases bone density and help maintain healthy joints, cartilage and connective tissue

Gigarelin significantly strengthens and enhances the immune system and the resistance against diseases of civilization, is generally very beneficial for human health

Gigarelin significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (disease of blood vessels, brain and heart), effectively helps reduce cholesterol and the likelihood that you will not spend your last years of your life in a nursing home

Gigarelin increases libido and sexual performance, promotes stronger and longer lasting erections

Gigarelin is beneficial to improve brain function, cognitive performance (ability to learn), memory, overall mental performance and mental health

Gigarelin brings a strong sense of physical and mental freshness, well-being, energy and vitality, thanks to the Gigarelin you will wake each new day refreshed and full of energy, as never befor


Recommended use and dosage of Gigasterone 3XL:

To achieve maximum results, we recommend taking 2 tablets of Gigasterone 40 - 50 minutes before training on an empty stomach, and drink sufficient water, and as second dose too 2 tabs 1-1,5 hour before bed, evening. Do you want ultra-rapid insane muscle growth effect? Ok, then you can take next 1 tablet too morning as first thing after wake-up on empty stomach.

Remember: Gigasterone 3XL is the most anabolic & powerful product for building muscle mass that you can get ever, but for the best results are very important too high daily proteins intake (more than 2.5 g proteins for each 1 kg of body weight), very hard, heavy and strength volume training and enough of sleep and rest!

Our Tip: The addition of use Follistatin-344 (myostatin inhibitor / blocker) during the first 20 days in cycle will unlock the maximum potential of protein synthesis in your body and maximum possible effectiveness of all anabolic supplements (including Gigasterone 3XL too). In other words -  with combination of Gigasterone 3XL and Follistatin-344 you will build ultra massive muscle mass on edge of your genetic possibilities and absolutely possible limits!

For best results we recommend cycle length 12-16 weeks, this is optimal period for Gigasterone 3XL use. Then it should be a pause of at least 4 weeks prior to continued use. After a cycle we advise to use the product Ibutamoren MK-677 who has perfectly anti-catabolic effect and strong helps keep all achievable muscle gains total without loss.

Important note: Strict avoid fat and carbohydrates at least one hour before and after taking Gigasterone, because they degrades efficiency of Gigasterone. Taking of protein shakes and amino acids are conversely very desirable and needed - for protein sythesis, of course. We recommended an overall high protein diet and limited intake of fats and slow carbohydrates while taking Gigasterone.


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GigaSterone 3XL - 605 mg (90 tab)

GigaSterone 3XL - 605 mg (90 tab)

Manufacturer: Genesis Biology

Category: Steroids Replacement / Alternative

Pack: 90 tablets 

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