SomatriX HGH - 10 IU

SomatriX HGH - 10 IU

Manufacturer: SomatriX

Category: HGH, rHGH (recombinant human growth hormone)

Pack: 10 IU


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Old school? And still you prefer rather recombinant HGH before stimulants of endogenous HGH? Ok, no problem! We respect it.. And we have anything really special for you in this case!

Somatrix HGH is new generation of research recombinant HGH with more than 2 time stronger and longer lasting effect than all existing classic rHGH, that you have tried so far! Do not waste your time and money with all other low quality rHGH, and get now best rHGH in the world, which you can buy at all! Extra potent GH for you - new revolutionary research extra-effective rHGH!

This is an absolute novelty of the research and a unique advanced HGH: A new revolutionary form, provides more than 2 times longer lasting effect and half-life, resulting in a more significant greater and longer time standing level of IGF-1, which is crucial for the final effect.

SomatriX growth hormone is the first rHGH in the world with 2 times longer and stronger effect than traditional HGH. If you prefer a synthetic growth hormone before secretagogues of endogenous growth hormone, don`t hesitate and try revolutionary SomatriX HGH - to get to know the difference, which will enchant you!

somatrix hgh

Basic facts about HGH

Human growth hormone (HGH) is considered a "key" hormone in the body, which is indispensable for many important features (youthful appearance, strength, muscle mass volume and quality, fitness, performance, endurance, vigor, fat burning, regeneration, vitality, health, immunity, and many other positive factors).

HGH is composed of 191 amino acids. The genetically recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) is identical to the growth hormone produced by the body. HGH is rapidly converted in the liver to major metabolite IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which are attributed to the resulting effects, benefits and effects.

HGH is a very effective anti-aging therapy (anti-aging treatment - against aging). As early as 30 years of our life (or sometimes very much earlier) our body ceases to produce enough growth hormone. This is the real cause of aging and damage to many body processes. The older a person is, the less is growth hormone. Scientists have shown that growth hormone treatment can reverse (slows significantly slow down) the biological effects and signs of aging.

HGH is also very popular among athletes, especially for bodybuilders and strength athletes, because of its strong anabolic and capabilities to build a new, high-quality muscle mass. Quality HGH has a strong anabolic effects, and supports not only muscle hypertrophy, but also hyperplasia - the growth of new muscle cells. Gains are achieved while high-quality, stable and sustainable.

Growth hormone HGH has the following main effects and positive:

· HGH  reduces excess body fat

· HGH  reduces the risk of coronary heart disease

· HGH  causes an increase in muscle mass, strength and physical performance

· HGH  reduces wrinkles on the skin and has anti-aging effect

· HGH  causes the regeneration of some internal organs that have atrophied age

· HGH  increases bone density

· HGH  strengthens the immune system

· HGH  brings a sense of well-being and vitality

· HGH  brings improvement of brain activity and cognitive performance (better learning ability)

· HGH  stimulates the production of bone marrow cells that produce red blood cells

· HGH  reduces the likelihood that you will spend his last years in a nursing home

· HGH  reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and risk of death from cardiovascular disease

· HGH  improves cholesterol profile

In recent years, more and more scientific and medical evidence that maintaining healthy levels of growth hormone is beneficial to the cardiovascular system. Statistically, the people with low levels of growth hormone in the body have a substantially higher mortality from cardiovascular disease and the occurrence of brain stroke.

The optimal duration of use of growth hormone (GH) is for athletes and people under 35 years 2 to 3 months, in people over 35 years 4-6 months. Studies have shown that injections of growth hormone (HGH) is preferably administered on an empty stomach.


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SomatriX HGH - 10 IU

SomatriX HGH - 10 IU

Manufacturer: SomatriX

Category: HGH, rHGH (recombinant human growth hormone)

Pack: 10 IU

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