SARMs and Peptides advantages against Steroids and HGH 

differences in harmful and adverse effects, and possible health risks

Steroids main problem: Yes - steroids are old way, but still very effective in muscle mass building, and one of the best and most effective to today, indisputably. But too is generally known that anabolic androgenic steroids have very many adverse and harmful side effects. And in their long-term use it is undeniable that very negatively affect your health and appearance. Only deluded and blinded fools can deny it, who are no longer able to objectively assess things and self. You around ortodox people who are taking steroids for years? Look these people really good, luckily, vitalis and main health? There certainly is not: Their skin is from closer look poor, damaged, rough, nasty on look, old looking. Remember, that's what you see from the outside only. And their body and internal organs, however, are even more destroyed from within, insade. And can you imagine how they'll look like after next 15 or 20 years? Such a tax for muscles smart person does not sacrifice - own health. Science has progressed significantly. Why destroy your own body and health when there are new and safe products with which you can achieve your goals as successful and achieve the same results in muscle mass & fitness as with steroids? Be sure, SARMs and GHR Peptides are really, strongest and best solution for this issue. One of the most fantastic convenience and properties of peptides and SARMs is the fact that there are no harmful and androgenic side effects know form anabolic steroids use. 

rHGH (recombinant / syntetic human growth hormone) problem: rHGH has no vast majority of harmful effects as steroids. It is already much better, it`s truth, nice. But be aware, because there are still very possible risk of serious health problems associated with its use! Gives the body exogenous (inject syntetic) rHGH is not the same as have enough of own endogenous hGH! Endogenous own body produced HGH is much unmatch better tolerated by the body and adopted, like syntetic HGH, endogenous HGH is absolutely natural and safe way to fitness, health and good living, without any health risks at proper use! This is reason why so many people priority peptides before rHGH, and still those who have discovered the uniqueness and geniality of peptides quickly grow.

Find out differences in harmful and adverse effects in the following table:

Harmful / Adverse Effects, Health Risks Peptides SARMs Steroids rHGH
Overall heavy health damage ! NO NO YES! NO
Hepato-toxicity (Liver Damage) ! NO NO YES! NO
Diabetes risk ! NO NO NO YES!
Cancer risk ! NO NO YES! YES!
Thyroid damage risk ! NO NO NO YES!
Acromegaly risk (enlargement of internal organs) ! NO NO NO YES!
Risk od endogenous HGH natural production damage / suppression ! NO NO NO YES!
Prostate cancer risk ! NO NO YES! NO
Kidney damage ! NO NO YES! NO
Aromatization (gynecomastia high risk) NO NO YES! NO
The sharp rise in estrogens level NO NO YES! NO
The sharp rise in cortisol level NO NO YES! NO
Suppression of endogenous testosterone production NO NO YES! NO
Infertility and impotence ! NO NO YES! NO
Risk of high blood pressure ! NO NO YES! NO
Mental disorders NO NO YES! NO
Dizziness, headache NO NO NO YES!
Massive water retention NO NO YES! NO
Oil skin, acne, very strong deterioration of skin quality NO NO YES! NO
Hair lost NO NO YES! NO
Androgenic mutations, deepening of the voice NO NO YES! NO
Excessive sweating NO NO YES! NO
Agressivity, nervousness NO NO YES! NO
Dumbing, brain degradation, dementia ! NO NO YES! NO
differences in muscle & fitness benefits, advantages & disadvantages

When you use SARMs and peptides for building muscle mass: Here's a few more big advantage over steroids, in particular: Achieved results are very good quality, stability and sustainable long-term good, and peptides and rhGH have no plato (rapid loss of effect), and evidence to build muscle the two possible ways - hypertrophy also hyperplasia (real growth of new muscle cells - that's what steroids can not do, ever)!

You can see in the following table, SARMs, GHR Peptides & too rHGH have more advantages and benefits for muscles than AAS (anabolic steroids):

Muscles & Fitness Benefits, Advantages & Disadvantages Peptides SARMs Steroids rHGH
Very high quality, hard & lean muscle mass additions ! YES YES NO YES
Stable, durable and sustainable muscle additions ! YES YES NO YES
No harmful androgenic effects ! YES YES NO YES
No plato (no quick loss of efficiency) ! YES NO NO YES
Muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle cells) ! YES YES YES YES
Muscle hyperplasia (real growth of new muscle cells) ! YES NO NO YES
Strong anticatabolic effect YES YES YES YES
Excelent muscle regeneration, recovery YES YES YES YES
Improvements in strength & speed YES YES YES YES
Improvements in performance & endurance YES YES YES YES
Strong fat burning support YES YES YES YES
Safe without adverse effects on the proper use !  YES YES  NO  NO 

And thirdly - unbeatable properties of peptides for your health: Peptides have a fantastic benefits to your overall health, regeneration of the whole body, immunity, youthfulness and vitality.
Can protect before many very serious diseases (including cancer and cardiovascular civilization diseases), have a very strong anti-aging effect - can effectively rejuvenate your body and regenerate internal organs, skin, joints, improves metabolism, strengthen the immune system, bone density, supports brain function, memory, thinking and yet many many more advantages and benefits for your body and health. Many of these features has also rhGH, but it is not so safe and natural as GHR peptides are!

You can see in the following table unbeatable properties of peptides for your health:

Health & Aesthetic Benefits, Advantages & Disadvantages Peptides SARMs Steroids rHGH
Overall health improvements ! YES YES NO YES
Prevention & protection against many serious diseases YES YES NO YES
Whole body regeneration incl. internal organs ! YES YES NO YES
Strong anti-aging effect, rejuvenation ! YES YES NO YES
Feel of great freshness, energy & vitality YES YES NO YES
Deep & high quality night sleep YES NO NO YES
Improve skin, hair, nails quality YES NO  NO  YES 
Support collagen production, wrinkles reduction YES NO  NO  YES 
Libido, potent & sexual health support YES YES  NO  YES 
Significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, low cholesterol level maintaining YES YES NO YES
Promoting a healthy heart, blood vessels, brain YES YES NO YES
Stimulation of red blood cell production YES NO NO YES
Strengthening the immune system YES NO NO YES
Improved metabolism YES YES NO YES
Increased bone strength & density YES YES YES YES
The effective restoration of joints, ligaments and cartilage YES YES NO YES
Antiinflammatory & antioxidant effect YES NO NO YES
Neuroprotective effects YES YES NO YES
Support memory, concentration, focus, ability to learn YES NO NO YES
Support healthy levels of endogenous hgh YES NO NO  NO 
Very well body toleration, tolerance YES YES  NO  NO 
The Natural Way YES NO NO  NO 
High safe on the proper use YES YES NO NO