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We guarantee 100% authenticity, originality and effectiveness with us purchased products and peptides. Always each single product has a unique S/N (serial number for verification) which pass a verification test on his manufacturer the website! At the same time we would like in this context warn, that more than 95% peptides and many SARMs offered in EU are ineffective and worthless fakes, with unrealistic low prices, at which it is easily NOT possible to produce them in a really good quality, total fakes.. People who buy these fakes does not save, just thrown their money for something that does not work at all and they will not bring the desired effects or results. Be smart and get 100% working and effective originals from us. Extremely is important for us you get for your money always maximum quality and 100% original and effective products!!

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100% guaranteed reliable delivery. Goods are dispatched always safely & discreetly packed, with maximum success delivery within the EU. In case of rare failure of delivery due to the carrier / shipper, we will send the package again, or full refund - as you wish. Absolutely no risks.

All products are really in stock, all products are bought directly from manufacturers

All offered products are really in stock, always we try to make them be sufficient. All buy directly only from the manufacturer - we never do experiments with any traffickers and thirdy-party "suppliers", because maximum quality and your satisfaction is most important for us!

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