What is peptide

Peptides in terms of chemistry and biology

From the chemical point of view, peptide is organic chemical compound that is formed by merging several amino acids. Individual bound amino acids (defined in succession, calling the sequence) are linked together so while amide bond to one unbranched chain - peptide. Because of the great importance of peptides in biochemistry and organic chemistry, this bond is often also called peptide bond. In nature emerging peptides are formed mostly through the process of protein biosynthesis. The actual sequence information (amino acid sequence) is encoded in the DNA. Peptides meet in the body a large number of important and irreplaceable functions. 

GHR Peptides

Importance of peptides for the human body & their extraordinary effects

Peptides are continuously synthesized in all living organisms to regulate physiological processes. Peptide hormones and neuro-peptides regulate most processes in the human body:

Peptides are involved in from the recovery process and cell growth, proper functioning immune system, body metabolism, regulation sleep, making hormones, etc.

Peptides maintains health and enough level of endogenous HGH (growth hormone), which have many importnant function in body and is directly responsible for overall fitness, health and speed of aging and decay of the body (in case if is in body not enough of own endogenous HGH)

Peptides affect many physiological factors: Muscle growth, performance endurance and overall physical fitness, efficiently burning body fat, regenerate all tissues and organsaging rate (peptides can significantly slow down the aging process), wound healing,regeneration joints and tendons, a feeling of freshness, energy and vitality good skinand hair and many many more.

Peptides equally affect the mental factors such as: Memory, behavior, concentration (attention, concentration), learning, peptides support good and deep sleep.

Peptides positive impact on a lot of factors important for good healthreinforce the immunity , accelerate metabolism, lower cholesterol support a healthy heart, blood vessels brain, liver and other internal organs , increase bone density, stimulate the production of red blood cells, cleanses the body - peptides may have strong antioxidant effects, etc..

Peptides can very effective protect against serious diseases and health problems, such as. coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders, tumors, wasting and weakness (muscular dystrophy), bone loss, psychological problems, the negative effects of stress and depression (peptides also have neuroprotective effects), skin diseases, various infections and inflammations, hormonal and sexual disorders, infertility and many more.

Peptides, for example, can even protect against skin cancer and at the same time gives your skin a dark tan.

Peptides can eliminate and remove serious aesthetic defects: eg. very effectively wipe out or completely remove wrinkles, soften and rejuvenate skin, enhance hair growth.

In other words, without exaggeration say - peptides have tremendous potential to provide man perfect physical and mental condition, regeneration, freshness, vitality, youthfulness, longevity, overall excellent health and very high quality life.

Peptides are completely safe at proper use

Peptides are the key to your imaginary optimal health and body, and have a unique power to cause the necessary positive changes in biochemical processes in the body. Particularly worth noting that these changes are natural and completely safe for humans, unlike drugs or anabolic steroids, peptides are without their side and harmful effects - because all changes take in the body naturally.

Why use peptides

For the proper functioning of cells, tissues, organs and ultimately substantially the entire body must be in the body sufficient a number of important peptides and enough of own endogenous human growth hormone (HGH). However, with age (practically after the age of 20) in the body starts to grow lack of peptides and endogenous HGH level is decreasing too (natural production of own important peptides and HGH decreases and becomes increasingly more). A lack of important peptides and own HGH greatly accelerates the deterioration of tissues, overall health and functioning of the whole organism, and also triggers a rapid process of aging. Fortunately, this problem of lack of peptides and endogenous HGH in the body recently took scientists successfully solved! The fact that were able to successfully synthesize meny peptides with many beneficial effects on the human body, causing real and absolute coup not only in great health, beauty, high quality of life and the prevention and treatment of disease, but also in the world of sport. Peptides are a perfect application for masses of people (from athletes across models, working hard physically, mentally busy, sick after all the ordinary people who want have more muscles, be stronger, have top performance, better quality, healthier and longer lives, or simply just look younger and better), regardless of age, gender, health status and lifestyle.

Example of some famous and amazing peptides and their unique effects:

  • Follistatin-344 - blocks undesirable Myostatin (GDF-8 gene - braking protein synthesis & muscle growth), with this amazing peptide you can maximize possible protein synthesis in your body and allow to go anabolic product (as Gigasterone, LGD-4033, Gigarelin rX etc.) fully, on maximum of their potential & effectivity.

  • GHRP-6 - famous and universal peptide with many benefits and advantages for overall fitness, health, regeneration, anti-aging and life vitality.

  • Ipamorelin  - newest and most effective injection GHR peptide, and one injection peptide when greater dose bring stronger effect (linear effectivity grow with dose increasing)

  • CJC-1295 - it works perfectly synergistic with basic GHR peptides as GHRP-6, Ipamorelin, Hexarelin etc., when improve their efficiency by 200-300%. And this is only one peptide, who can improve the number of cells, that produce HGH in body!

  • Melanotan 2 - perfect and unbeatable tan, nothing can competite in tanning abillity with Melanotan 2!

  • Aicar - improve your peak performance & endurance up to 50%

  • PT-141 - very strong increase libido and sexual apetite for both men and women, without side effects know from classical sexual stimulants as Viagra, Cialis and etc.

  • Selank - perfect solution to prevent stress, protect your brain and nervous system

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